Thursday HUB

We offer free and impartial advice, advocacy and representation regarding:

  • Housing/Tenancy
  • Welfare benefits including JSA (jobseekers allowance), PIP (personal Independence payment) and ESA (employment and support allowance), etc
  • Debt and other financial issues
  • Employment issues such as dismissal and employment tribual hearings
  • Education
  • Consumer
  • Other general advice and advocacy.

We offer advice in :

  • Tamil
  • Arabic
  • Kurdish
  • Albanian
  • Turkish
  • Somali
  • French
  • and others
 For which days we can advise in a given language please see our opening hours.

The more information you bring regarding your situation the better they will be able to assist you with your problem.

The following are documents necessary to provide as evidence and support to your problem:


  • Tenancy agreement and letters from your Landlord or Mortgage details and Title deeds;
  • Any court papers;
  • Proof of your income – wage slips, Benefit letters, tax credits.

Benefit Issues/Applications

  • Letters from government departments, including the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), Jobcentre Plus and Pension Service;
  • decision letters that you wish to challenge – this is essential;
  • Your national insurance number;
  • Proof of your income – wage slips, benefit letters, tax credits;
  • Bank statement – Most recent copy;
  • Details of any savings;
  • Tenancy agreement or mortgage details;
  • Dates of birth;
  • If employed or self-employed;
  • Number of hours worked;
  • Gross income from employment for the last tax year (April 6 to April 5 a P60 form will provide this);
  • If self employed, last year’s accounts;
  • Gross income for this year – payslips or estimate
  • if you receive benefits, bring benefit award letters;
  • Child care costs – Childcare provider contract agreement;
  • Details of investments and latest interest payments. Bank statements will show this;
  • Lease agreement or current mortgage repayment details;
  • Council tax bill.

Debt and Financial Issues

  • Details of your income – wage slips, benefit letters, tax credits;
  • Most recent bank statement;
  • Details of all Lenders- we need the latest statements and demands for payment;
  • Copy of original loan agreements;
  • Copy of any court papers;
  • Details of your household expenditure – food, transport, phone and utilitiy bills and so forth;
  • Copy of the latest correspondence you have received – e.g. letters from bailiffs.

Employment Issues

  • A duplicate of your employment contract;
  • Full details of all grievance, disciplinary or dismissal issues;
  • All recent letters (contract or staff handbook);
  • If relevant, copy of employment tribunal applications.

General  Advice & Advocacy

Any paperwork and correspondence that gives us more information about your problem and how best to assist you.

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